CHS Cats in the Community – A Student Engagement Program

Jan. 16, 2020

After examining the sciences of suffering and caring, students in Dr. Lorre Laws’ Suffering, Care, and Society course engaged with Tucson community organizations to support persons experiencing suffering. This pre-internship project includes a course synthesis integrating the science and practice of professional caring, preparing students for internships, graduate studies, and employment opportunities. Among Tucson, Arizona organizations supported were Casa De Los Ninos, Z Mansion Workshop, American Cancer Society, Banner University Hospital, The United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Community Food Bank, and the Stroke Resource Center of Southern Arizona.

To facilitate the amelioration and mitigation of human suffering beyond university coursework, Dr. Laws partnered with internationally renowned author and leader, Eckhart Tolle, whose foundation generously donated free resources, including the best-selling book The Power of Now and corresponding journal. We are grateful for the support of this foundation and look forward to continued activities aimed toward lessening human suffering.