Corey Abramson's "Beyond the Case: The Logics and Practices of Comparative Ethnography"

Jan. 28, 2020

"Beyond the Case: The Logics and Practices of Comparative Ethnography"  Edited by Corey M. Abramson and Neil Gong will be relased in the USA January 2020. You can order a copy of this publication online at Please find an abstract below:

The social sciences have seen a substantial increase in comparative and multi-sited ethnographic projects over the last three decades. Yet, at present, researchers seeking to design comparative field studies have few scholarly works detailing how various ethnographic schools approach comparison. In Beyond the Case, Corey M. Abramson and Neil Gong gather expert field researchers working in a variety of ethnographic traditions such as phenomenology, grounded theory, positivism, the extended case method, and interpretivism, to explain both the logic behind and practice of comparison in their works. The contributors connect the long history of comparative (and anticomparative) ethnographic approaches to their contemporary uses. By honing in on how ethnographers render sites, groups, or cases analytically commensurable and comparable, Beyond the Case offers a new lens for examining the assumptions, payoffs, and potential draw