Graduate Student Publications

Our graduate students routinely publish original research in a number of competitive venues. These publications include sole authorships in peer-reviewed journals based on M.A. or dissertation research, collaborations between students and faculty, as well as collaborations between students.

The list below contains selected publications by our current graduate students, as well as by former graduate students if published or accepted before they received their Ph.D. See the websites and CVs of individual graduate students for more complete listings of all publications.


2020 and Forthcoming

  • Gonzalez, Kelsey and Martinez, Daniel. Forthcoming. “Panethnicity as a reactive identity: Primary panethnic identification among Latino-Hispanics in the United States”. Ethnic and Racial Studies. 
  • Still, Darla. Forthcoming. "Romantic Relationship Quality and Suicidal Ideation in Young Adulthood." Society and Mental Health


  • Varga, Attila “Shorter distances between Papers over Time are Due to More Cross-Field References and Increased Citation Rate to Higher Impact Papers.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (116)44: 22094
  • Kinney, Alexander B. Forthcoming. "The Extra-Institutional Logics of an Emerging Market Field: Values and Practice in the Bitcoin Experience." Social Currents.
  • Kinney, Alexander B. Forthcoming. "Embedding Into a New Money System: The Case of Bitcoin." Sociological Focus.
  • Davis, Andrew P. and Yongjun Zhang. Forthcoming “Civil Society and Exposure to Domestic Terrorist Attacks: Evidence from a Cross-National Quantitative Analysis, 1970-2010.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 
  • Davis, Andrew P. and Michael Gibson-Light. Forthcoming. “Difference and Punishment: Ethno-Political Exclusion, Colonial Institutional Legacies, and Incarceration.” Punishment and Society.
  • Fiel, Jeremy E., and Yongjun Zhang. Forthcoming. “With All Deliberate Speed: The Reversal of Court-Ordered School Desegregation, 1970-2013.” American Journal of Sociology.
  • Joslyn, Jacqueline. 2019. “Bribery in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Mediating Effects of Institutional Development and Trust.” Socius, 5: 1-17.
  • Leahey, Erin, Sondra Barringer and Misty Ring-Ramirez. 2019. “Universities' Structural Commitment to Interdisciplinary Research.” Scientometrics.
  • Pfaffendorf, Jessica. Forthcoming. “Wayward Elites: From Social Reproduction to Social Restoration at a Therapeutic Boarding School.” Social Psychology Quarterly.


  • Abramson, Corey, Jacqueline Joslyn, Daniel Dohan. 2018. “The Promises of Computational Ethnography.” Ethnography.
  • Bjorklund, Eric, Andrew P. Davis, and Jessica Pfaffendorf. 2018. “Urine or You’re Out: Racialized Economic Threat and the Determinants of Welfare Drug Testing Requirements in the U.S., 2009-2015.” The Sociological Quarterly
  • Diaz, Christina J., Liwen Zeng, and Ana P. Martinez-Donate. 2018. “Investigating Health Selection Within Mexico and Across the US Border.” Population Research and Policy Review 1–24.
  • Davis, Andrew P. and Beksahn Jang. 2018. “Civilian Targeting as Interaction Ritual: Evidence from Insurgent Groups in Cross-National Context.” Comparative Sociology.
  • Gibson-Light, Michael. 2018. “Ramen Politics: Informal Money and Logics of Resistance in the Contemporary American Prison.” Qualitative Sociology. 41(2):199-220. 
  • Johnstonbaugh, Morgan. 2018. “Where are all of the Women? Untangling the Effects of Representation, Participation, and Preferences on Gender Differences in Political Press Coverage” Socius 4: 1 – 12. doi: 10.1177/2378023118793738
  • Joslyn, Jacqueline. 2018. “A Comparison of Sources of Business Acumen for Entrepreneurs Originating from Developed and Developing Countries.” Journal of Rural Social Sciences, 33(1): 101-114.
  • Kinney, Alexander B., Andrew P. Davis, and Yongjun Zhang. 2018. "Theming for Terror: Organizational Adornment in Terrorist Organizations." Poetics.
  • Mayer, Brian, Amelia Blume, Candace Black, and Sally Stevens. 2018. “Improving Student Learning Outcomes through Community-based Research: The Poverty Workshop.” Teaching Sociology.
  • Suh, Hyungjun, Terrence D. Hill, and Harold G. Koenig. Forthcoming, "Religious Attendance and Biological Risk: A National Longitudinal Study of Older Adults", Journal of Religion and Health.
  • Varga, A. (2018). Novelty and Foreseeing Research Trends: The Case of Astrophysics and Astronomy. The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 236(1), 21.  


  • Addae, Angela. 2017. "Pathways to Sector Selection: A Conceptual Framework for Social Entrepreneurs." Nonprofit Management and Leadership.
  • Anderson, Kathryn, Eric Bjorklund, and Simone Rambotti. 2017 “Income Inequality and Chronic Health Conditions: A Multilevel Analysis of the U.S. States” Sociological Focus.
  • Andrews, Hannah, Terrence D. Hill, and William C. Cockerham. Forthcoming. "Educational Attainment and Dietary Lifestyles." In Brea Perry and Sara Shostak Advances in Medical Sociology Volume 18: Food Systems and Health. Emerald Group Publishing.
  • Clarke, Hannah E., and Brian Mayer. 2017. "Community Recovery Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Toward a Theory of Cultural Resilience." Society & Natural Resources 30(2): 129-144.
  • Bjorklund, Eric. 2017. "Out of Many, One? U.S. Sub-National Political-Economies in the Post-Welfare Reform Era." Socio-Economic Review.
  • Bjorklund, Eric. 2017. "Just One Click Away: The Politics of E-Commerce Sales Tax Policy," Sociological Inquiry.
  • Davis, Andrew. 2017. "A social ecology of civil conflict: Shifting allegiances in the conflict in Sierra Leone," Social Science Research.
  • Gibson-Light, Michael. 2017. “Classification Struggles in Semi-Formal and Precarious Work: Lessons from Inmate Labor and Cultural Production.” Research in the Sociology of Work. 31:61-90.
  • Johnstonbaugh, Morgan. 2017. “Conquering with Capital: Social, Cultural, and Economic Capital’s Role in Combating Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Contributing to Educational Attainment” Journal of Youth Studies 21(5): 590 – 606. doi: 10.1080/13676261.2017.1406069
  • Leahey, Erin and Amelia Blume. 2017. “Elucidating the Process: Why Women Patent Less than Men.”  In Gender and Entrepreneurial Activity edited by Albert N. Link. 
  • Odabas, Meltem and Heidi Reynolds-Stenson 2017. “Tweeting from Gezi Park: Social Media and Repression Backfire”, Social Currents.
  • Odabas, Meltem Thomas J. Holt, and Ronald L. Breiger (in Press). “Markets as Governance Environments for Organizations at the Edge of Illegality: Insights from Social Network Analysis”, American Behavioral Scientist.
  • Odabas, Meltem, Thomas J. Holt, and Ronald L. Breiger. 2017. "Governance in Online Stolen Data Markets." Pp. 87-107 in The Architecture of Illegal Markets: Towards an Economic Sociology of Illegality in the Economy, edited by Jens Beckert and Matias Dewey. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Web link
  • Pfaffendorf, Jessica. Forthcoming. “Sensitive Cowboys: Privileged Young Men and the Mobilization of Hybrid Masculinities in a Therapeutic Boarding School.” Gender & Society.
  • Pfaffendorf, Jessica. Forthcoming. “Reflections on Rehab: Navigating the Disparate System of Substance Abuse Treatment.” In Negotiating the Challenges of Conducting Deeply PersonalResearch. Eds. Nowakowski, Alexandra and J.E. Sumerau. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Publishing Group.
  • Puetz, Kyle. 2017. "Fields of Mutual Alignment: A Dual-Order Approach to the Study of Cultural Holes.Sociological Theory 35:228-60. Web link:
  • Reynolds-Stenson, Heidi. “Protesting the Police: Police Brutality Claims as a Predictor of Police Repression of Protest.” Forthcoming in Social Movement Studies.
  • Reynolds-Stenson, Heidi and Jennifer Earl. 2018. “Clashes of Conscience: Explaining Counterdemonstration at Protests.” Forthcoming in Mobilization.
  • Suh, Hyungjun and Heidi Reynolds-Stenson, Forthcoming, "A Contingent Effect of Trust?: Interpersonal Trust and Social Movement Participation in Political Context", Social Science Quarterly.
  • Yongjun Zhang. “Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Dissolution in Postreform China.” Journal of Marriage and Family 79(5):1435–49. doi:10.1111/jomf.12419 
  • Jeremy Fiel and Yongjun Zhang. 2017. "Three Dimensions of Change in School Segregation: A Grade-Period-Cohort Analysis." Demography.


  • Eliza Benites-Gambirazio et al., « Une promotion immobilière sous contraintes environnementales. Les logiques sociales du périurbain dans les Desert Cities de l’Ouest étasunien », Revue française de sociologie 2016/4 (Vol. 57), p. 735-765. DOI 10.3917/rfs.574.0735
  • Rodriguez-Lonebear, Desi. 2016. “Building a data revolution in Indian Country.” Pp. 253–72 in Indigenous data sovereignty: toward an agenda, edited by J.Taylor and T. Kukutai. Canberra : Australia National University Press.
  • Greene, Alison, Kendra Thompson-Dyck, Megan S. Wright, Monica Davis, and Katie Haverly.  2016. “Community Engagement: Perspectives on an Essential Element of Juvenile Drug Courts Implementing Reclaiming Futures.”  Drug Court Review X(1): 116-154.
  • Korchmaros, Josephine, Kendra Thompson-Dyck, and Rodney Haring.  Forthcoming.  “Professionals’ Perceptions of and Recommendations for Matching Juvenile Drug Court Clients to Services.”  Children and Youth Services Review.
  • McBee, David J., and Erin Leahey. 2016 "New Directions, New Challenges: The Trials and Tribulations of Interdisciplinary Research." In Investigating InterdisciplinaryCollaboration Theory and Practice Across Disciplines, edited by Scott Frickel, Mathieu Albert and Barbara Prainsack, 27-46. New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.
  • Taylor, Malaena and Kate Gunby. 2016. “Moving Beyond the Sound Bite: Complicating the Relationship between Negative Television News Framing and In-Depth Reporting on Activism”Sociological Forum 31(3).
  • Okada, Sosuke. 2016. “Structure of Cultural Rejection.” Sociological Perspectives 60(2):355–77. (DOI: 10.1177/0731121416667713)
  • Rivas, Ricardo and Michael Gibson-Light. 2016. “Exploring Culture through In-Depth Interviews: Is it Useful to Ask People What They Think, Mean, and Do?”[“Explorando fenómenos culturales a través de entrevistas en profundidad: ¿de qué sirve preguntar a las personas acerca de lo que piensan, de lo que quierendecir y de lo que hacen?”] Cinta de Moebio. 57:316-329.
  • Vila-Henninger, Luis Antonio.  Forthcoming.  “The Moral Economies of Self-interest: The Popular Confluence of Norms of Self-interest and Norms of Solidarity.”  Sociological Perspectives. 
  • Vila-Henninger, Luis Antonio.  Forthcoming.  "Understanding Symbolic Boundaries and Improving Quantitative Analysis of Social Exclusion by Improving the Operationalization of Boundary Work."  Sociology Compass.


  • Bacon, Tracy. 2015. "Framing the Family Meal: A Comparison of Social Market Campaigns and Parents' Views" Journal of Family Issues
  • Grant, Don, Katrina Running, Kelly Bergstrand, and Richard York. Forthcoming. "Energy Efficiency, Carbon Pollution, and Rebound Effects: The Case for U.S. Powerplants." Energy Policy
  • Henley, Megan. 2015. "Alternative and Authoritative Knowledge: The role of Certification in Defining Expertise Among Doulas" Social Currents
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  • Rambotti, S. 2015. “Response to Pickett and Wilkinson.” Social Science & Medicine.




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